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Pimp Your Gift List!

December 7, 2010

Our goal with WiseGifter is to help you get gifts you can’t wait to get. Here are our newest features to help make your gift list rock:



Step 1: Gift List Starter.

Not sure how to start? Use our Gift List Starter to choose a few you like. Continue to sign in and finish making your gift list.

Gift Ideas to Help you Get Started!

Check it out:  Memorable Gifts //  Travel Gifts //  Weddings //  Fundraising



Step 2: Choose Great Pictures.

We’ve added a library of images for your gifts. Search for the perfect image or upload any image you like.

Choose the Perfect Image for your Gift!

Check it out: When you’re logged in > Items > Create an Item > Choose a Photo.



Step 3: Add Great Gifts!

Browse our collection of great gifts to find just the right one. Add these to your list, edit the details or create custom gifts.

Add our Gifts to your List or use them for Inspiration.

Check it out: When you’re logged in > Items >MagnifierGet some ideas



Step 4: Create a Bio.

Add a picture and a bit about you. Describe your list so your friends and family know what it’s all about.

Personalize your List with a photo and description.

Check it out: When you’re logged in > Settings.



Step 5: Share your Gift List.

Spread the word with email, Facebook, and Twitter. Want to share your gift list on your blog? Use one of our images to link to your gift list.

Link to your Gift List with one of our Images.

Travel Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Holiday Gifts - Choose your Favorite Image to Link to your List.

Check it out: When you’re logged in > Share.



With every new feature, we aim to make WiseGifter the best way to get meaningful gifts. We hope this holiday season we can help you get closer to your dreams with any gift you wish.

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