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Gifts for Every Traveler

November 23, 2010
Taking Pictures at Angkor Wat



For travel lovers, getting gifts can pose a predicament: We appreciate the generosity of people wanting to buy us gifts, but things coming out of large boxes don’t always fit in our bags. Not to mention that new stuff won’t mean you’ll have a better trip. And how do you get gifts from half way around the world?

So how can you get great gifts for travel?

Enter from stage left: WiseGifter. Created by travelers, it’s the perfect way to get great gifts for anything you want to do, get gifts anywhere you are, and get people excited for your trip.

  1. Make a gift list –  jungle hikes, money for airfare, visiting Angkor Wat – you name it.
  2. Friends and family “buy” your dream experiences.
  3. Get the money anywhere in the world via PayPal. Voila! You just got a great travel gift.

Sound Simple?

It is. You get think up awesome travel adventures you’ll have, and your family doesn’t have to wander the aisles poking at boxes. And we just made it easier with pre-set gift items you can add to your list or use for inspiration.

Some ideas to get you started


Give it a Try!

Starting by picking a few things you’d like from our Travel Gifts page. Then sign up to finish personalizing your site. All you need is PayPal, and don’t worry, it’s free to start. We only charge a small %4 after you start getting gifts. Visit our Money FAQ for details.

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