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Want a Great Life? It’s a Matter of Choices

October 14, 2010
Jump! Our Tour Group on the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Jan 2009

Where we live, how we live, what we buy: these are all choices we make. But how they effect us, we sometimes don’t thoroughly consider. Stuff may hold us back. . . clutter our lives. . . fill our time and leave us daydreaming for change.

Do your choices subconsciously keep you from your best life? Want to change that?

We have a plan to help inspire you to live the life you want to live. But first, I’d like to share our story.

Why would be bother helping others achieve their dreams?
Because everyone has the potential to get on a great life path. It just takes a spark to start to get inspired and sometimes a kick in the pants. We’re grateful we got our spark and kick in the pants a few years ago and hope others will find the same.  Dream big. You’ll be surprised what you can make happen.


Visiting Wat Trapang Tong in Sukhothai, Thailand. Oct 2010

Visiting Wat Trapang Tong in Sukhothai, Thailand. Oct 2010


Our Choices: Living a Life of Travel
We’re not just preaching, we live what we speak. 5 years ago, Kyle and I dreamed a silly dream of traveling full-time. After reading Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, we cooked up a plan to start traveling On Our Own Path. We questioned our choices, reprioritized and changed our lifestyles to save $25,000 to travel for a year.

How did we save $25,000? Big budget goals & sending chunks of our paychecks directly into savings accounts. Lifestyle changes like cooking at home, staying in with friends, and free movies in the park. We lived in a smaller, cheaper apartment. And when it came to wedding gifts we fought the pressure of traditional stuff, and family and friends gave us gifts on a site that’s grown into WiseGifter.

The sacrifices weren’t always fun, but it was worth it. And the changes started us on a lifestyle we love. One year in Latin America led us to teaching in Korea, and now we’re in Southeast Asia, living, working, volunteering, traveling, and smiling. We’re amazed and pleased we’ve been traveling 2.5 years, through 20-some countries.

The best part: we keep finding inspiration and the means to continue. It’s all fueled by finding dreams to chase on the road. My latest dreams: being self-employed and becoming a yoga instructor.


Being eXtreme at the top of Telica Volcano, Nicaragua. Sept 2008.

Being eXtreme at the top of Telica Volcano, Nicaragua. Sept 2008.


Our plan to inspire you.
We’re going to share great people’s choices we’ll call “Great Life Experiences”. Every week for the rest of the year, we’ll be bringing you profiles from kick-ass people that have accomplished a dream, some small dreams, some big, some a work in progress.

We’re not talking, fluffy motivational hoo-haa. We’re talking, real people, real lives. Travelers. Dancers. Volunteers. Vegans. May they inspire you live a better life.

Just imagine what’s possible!

Follow along, and you’ll read stories from real people that live bravely and follow their dreams. If you’re already on your dream path, these stories can help you keep you invigorated and connect with others living that think just like you. We hope these “Great Life Experiences” will keep thinking up crazy ideas and taking the next plunge.

Guest Post? Interested in joining the list of awesome people getting profiled? Drop me a line at bessie {at}

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  1. maryrichardson permalink
    October 18, 2010 2:23 pm

    I’m looking forward to reading your series! I find that I meet the most inspirational people when I travel, and they motivate me to try things I never would do ordinarily… glad you set your mind to travel as a lifestyle and made it happen.

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